Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Embarrassing Moments

Ah, embarrassing moments. Something we all love to hear about, but tremble at the thought of our own. I remember when I was subscribed to the Teen magazine, back when I was a teenager of course. My favorite part of the magazine was reading all the mortifying stories submitted by other teens. I guess it was a way for me to feel better about myself as I recalled many of my own horrifying moments during those awkward adolescent years.

I’ll never forget the first time I got up to the podium at church to share my testimony. I took one look at the audience, let out a little giggle right into the microphone, then turned around and ran off the stage as fast as I possibly could.

There is a sense of empathy though when you actually WITNESS someone else’s humiliation. You literally feel embarrassed for them even though it’s not actually happening to you.
Like this one time I was at the grocery store and there was this cute old man trying to grab a cart, but it was stuck to another one. He looked at me then tried to show off by using his leg to pry them apart. He lost his balance and fell causing the grocery carts to fall on top of him. Ooh, I felt so bad I just quickly turned away as to lessen the embarrassment a bit. Poor guy.
I guess now looking back maybe it would have been nice if I helped the poor guy up.


oh well, what ya gonna do.

So now I wanted to do something fun. Tell me one of your embarrassing moments in the comments section of this post (keep it short and sweet), or you can submit a picture to me via email Then I’ll share them in a later post so we can all have a good laugh at your sake ☺ Then I’m going to let everyone vote on their favorite one. The story with the most votes will win their very own Personal Microderm System ($140 value).

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