Monday, November 14, 2011

36 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Here I am...

36 weeks pregnant and still tryin to look sexy :)

This is actually very rare that I get all dressed up and do my hair. It was date night and I just got my hair done. Most days I'm in sweats with my hair pulled back because I'm just too tired to do anything else.
Here's a little poem I wrote about being 36 weeks pregnant.
Feels like an eternity
since I've been wearing maternity
And although the end is drawing near
I still feel like I'm dying here
My hormones are out of wack
There's constant pain in back
Can't even see my swollen feet
and all I want to do is eat
Sleeping at night is such a joke
Can't even have my diet coke
Sweaty hot everyday
Can't cool off when I'm this way
45 lbs of extra weight
is the price you pay to procreate
The days are long
Discomfort strong...
But when I think about this child
I just can't help but want to smile
One day I'll look back and say
Boy I miss those baby days
I recognize this special gift
With a little attitude shift
9 months is not so easy
But it wasn't meant to be breezy
WORTH IT is what He said
When on the cross for us he bled

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