Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress Up An Old Stroller

With this new baby on the way of course I'm spending lots of time looking at baby stuff. I didn't think I'd have to buy a whole lot of new stuff since I've got most the baby essentials already. I did end up getting a new pack and play for my bedroom as well as a new car seat for Oliver.

It is fun to have some NEW stuff though, right :)

Instead of throwing away a ton of money just for the sake of having something new, I decided to dress up my old stroller and car seat. Here is what I did with the stroller. Not a whole lot, but it still makes a difference.
Basically all I did was added the fabric onto the edge of the canopy and clipped on a flower brooch that I made. It was a little tricky getting the fabric on without it looking messy, but luckily I was able to hide the edges underneath. Here's the fabric glue I used.
Then I got this cute new diaper bag on Amazon for only $50. Then I added the pink satin brooch to it.
Then I splurged a little and got a handmade car seat cover to top it all off. I could have actually bought a whole new car seat for the price of the cover, but I just couldn't resist when I saw this one. I found it on Etsy by the way.

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