Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Decorating

We just got back from our St. George home and I thought I'd show some of the decorating I've added this time around.

A while back I was over at the Village Quilt Shop and to be honest, that's where I got my inspiration for a couple of the rooms. Here's a picture I found on their website that gave me the idea for our master.

I wanted to buy the whole set when I saw it, but after realizing it'd cost me about $700 I decided nevermind. I don't love it THAT much :) I figured I could come up with my own concoction at a much more affordable rate. Here's my version and it only cost me about $250.
I got the bed spread from Ashley Furniture and the pillows from Target. That small pillow in the front is a little something I created myself.
I just bought some rust orange fabric, cut out some different sized circles, burnt the edges, added the pearls, then hot glued it all together.
Here are a couple other pictures I took of the bedding sets at the Quilt Shop. I took them with my phone so they are a little blurry.
I LOVE how they added the cute colorful flowers to the pillows. That's what gave me the idea to do it myself.
This set is actually my inspiration for the kids bathroom.
I liked the black and white with all the bright colors.
I also wanted to show you how my vinyl letters turned out. I decided to put them up in the nursery. I'm far from finished with the nursery, still trying to decide on colors. It's hard because Oliver is still sleeping in the crib, and I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible. So I need to make it gender nuetral since eventually it will be Brooklyn's room.
So here's how it turned out. I got these letters from Say It Your Way Vinyl Letters.

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