Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Girl

So most of you already know that Friday we found out we are having a GIRL!!!  (I announced it on Facebook). It was no surprise to me though since I was already planning on a girl :) So far the name I absolutely LOVE is Brooklyn Star. Sean came up with the middle name and I REALLY love it!!!

The fun part about this is that my little sister is pregnant with a little girl too. She actually had her baby shower this weekend and I wanted to show you some of the things I made for her.

First is this cute little headband.

Yes, this baby is actually a doll. Creepy how real it looks though right? We got this for Lily the day Oliver was born. We wanted her to feel like she had a real baby of her own. We got it from The Ashton Drake Galleries.

I also made a matching bracelet. It was so simple too. Just took a piece of ribbon, cut it to size, hot glued a little flower and jewel on it, added a snap and wahlah!!!

Then I made this fun diaper cake. Once I got all the diapers put together I just added the ribbon around the bottom two layers, and the headband on the top layer. Then I clipped on a couple more hair accessories for her baby.

Here’s a quick little tutorial in case you’ve never made one before.

First you’ll need a box of these large polybands. You can get them in the hair accessory isle at most any convenient store.

Start rolling the diapers starting from the top, when finished, stick a polyband around it.

Then fill up a baby bottle with some candy…

Place a rubber band around it…

and start adding the rolled up diapers.

Then add another rubber band around it for the second layer of diapers.

You can do more layers, but I just chose to do two so it would fit on the cake platter I bought.

And for the top layer I just stuck a pencil down the middle to help keep it on the second layer.

So there ya go.

A diaper cake. Now go enjoy yourself a slice :)

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