Monday, September 19, 2011

Everyone's Gotta Have One!

One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a mom is, there’s no shame in hiring a little help…

It’s possible on any budget really. Think about it. So many of us spend money on random useless things all the time. It’s all a matter of budgeting right, perhaps trading in something thats not benefiting you in any way. For example, new jewelry or clothes, eating out, your daily diet coke or Star Bucks, ect.  If you spend just $2 a day on one of these addictive drinks, that’s $60 a month, which is more than enough money to hire someone to clean your toilets, organize the toy room or even do your laundry.

The way I see it is, how is my time best spent. Would I rather spend two hours a week doing laundry, or would it be better spent doing something I enjoy? Like developing a talent, pursuing a hobby, or simply playing with my kids. Spending countless hours on house work is not my idea of living a full life.

So I’ve budgeted a certain amount of money each week for an “Andrea”…

My “Andrea” helps me with the laundry…

does dishes…

and even helps with the organizing.

It’s all about priorities folks…

and cleaning is not one of mine.

Just so you know, my “Andrea” has an open schedule for the summer, so if you’re looking for someone awesome to help secure your sanity, then getting yourself an “Andrea” is the best thing for you :)

She only charges $11 an hour.

Email me if you’d like her phone number.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fantastic Father’s Day!!!

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