Monday, September 12, 2011

12 Weeks And Counting

Hello my long lost friends!!!
I know I’ve been pretty much non existent these days, but I intend on getting back on the saddle. I just hit the 12 week mark (in my pregnancy) and have been feeling MUCH better. I seriously spent a good 6 weeks on my couch. So sick, so tired, and no motivation to do anything. I apologize for not responding to emails too. I plan on cleaning out my inbox today.

This past week I’ve been in St. George, furnishing and decorating our new house. I’m going to video tape it all today and give you a little peak at the progress we’ve made so far. Still lots more to do, but it’s coming along.

Here is a fun picture Sean took of a little humming birds next in our front courtyard. We even have a little dove family in our backyard. We are sure enjoying it here and I’m absolutely LOVING the weather. It’s been 80 degrees almost every day.

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